Sustainable solutions


Education is a huge part to ensure the planet’s future and as such we are proud to organize several nature and environment related courses and workshops besides the workshops on communication.

In short the words to describe us are:

  • sustainability
  • dedication
  • knowledge
  • we know foundations and small organizations
  • smart and affordable solutions

And everything we do, we attempt to do in the most sustainable (=earth friendly) way, just because it is our conviction that this is the only effective business model!

Project management

Projects, large and small, need to be managed in a responsible way. Not only because of, often limited, finances, but also because organizations need to get value for their money and as such get what they want within the available resources. Our team has ample experience with projects large and small, and offers the service of project management to small organizations. Especially projects financed by development funds are our area of expertise.